2 Shades of Grey

2 Shades of Grey

There are two species of African Grey Parrots; the Congo African Grey and the Timneh Afrcian Grey.

Greys forage both on the ground and in trees/bushes

They are primarily frugivores but have been known to eat insects and some meat.

They are fantastic mimics.*

Greys have been kept as pets since biblical times.

Greys are native to Africa where they live primarily in dense forests but can also be found on the edge of such forested areas.

One of the most famous Greys was Alex who was the subject of Dr. Irene Pepperberg’s studies on parrot cognition.

Greys require lots of mental and physical stimulation.

The calls greys make are more like a series of whistles and beeps than the loud vocalizations characteristic of other larger parrot species. Greys also have wonderful night vocalizations referred to by some as night music.

Greys will dig to get to roots and plants but also to keep nest areas clean.

There are many variations in the grey coloration depending on the location from East to West in their home range in Africa.

In researching African Grey parrots, I contacted Jean Pattison, the African Queen. Jean is a premier breeder of Grey parrots in the United States. I asked her for fun facts and she related a story about one of her greys that created a rather embarrassing situation. Jean had gone to take a shower and her birds were doing their thing in her home. When she emerged from the bathroom in a towel she found a strange man standing in her living room. It was the repairman. After their initial surprise the repairman informed her that after her knocked he heard a voice tell him to “come in”. It was one of Jean’s Greys! So remember when a Grey comes to live at your house your new roommate is one of nature’s best mimics!