Our Story

For years, Parrots, Canaries, and Finches have lived happily in Perchville, playing, foraging, and enjoying their natural resources. Recently, the Perchville residents heard about something called “the Internet,” once they signed on, there was no stopping them. They found incredible foraging devices, healthy food sources for pelleted and seed diets, super-destructible toys, great stuff to shred, and yummy treats. They also found humans who knew a lot about their species and offered educational information that helped make life better in Perchville.

But the birds of Perchville knew that they had counterparts living in houses and apartments worldwide and wanted to share what they had found with them. They knew that going through many sites online to find just the right products was time-consuming and could get expensive. Who knew if the humans allowed their feathered flock mates to use the computers? So the birds of Perchville got together and created boxes of their favorite foods, toys, and treats to send to the humans for their friends who didn’t live in Perchville. They also contacted experts to write tips and articles to help humans learn to provide the best care possible. And that’s how New Zooland and the residents of Perchville decided to create a subscription box for you and your birds.