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Destructible toys can help curb boredom and promote healthy physical and mental stimulation. They give birds hours of fun playing as they pull and chew, trying their hardest to rip the toy apart.
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Lack of activity leads to boredom which often results in frustration and abnormal, self-destructive behaviors such as feather picking. It is possible to avoid these problems by utilizing a variety of foraging devices placed at various levels in the cage or play area. Hiding food in various locations throughout the cage will keep them busy, challenge their minds, stimulate their curiosity and make eating more fun.
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Shredding toys are also great for relieving stress and boredom for your pet bird. Nothing is more fun than tearing up a new toy!
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Preening is a bird's way of grooming its feathers to keep them in the best condition. While preening, birds remove dust, dirt, and parasites from their feathers and align each feather in the optimum position relative to adjacent feathers and body shape. Most birds will preen several times a day to keep themselves healthy.

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