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  • Prevue Woodpecker
  • Prevue Woodpecker
  • Prevue Woodpecker
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Prevue Woodpecker Bird Toy

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Prevue Woodpecker is made from 100% natural, sustainable, materials providing your bird with mental stimulation and rugged physical play. The toy was made with java wood and sisal rope, designed to keep your bird interested for hours while encouraging beak exercise. Suitable for medium, large and x-large birds measuring 18” to 40+” beak to tail, and sugar gliders.

Dimension: 3" in diameter x 6 1/4" high ( 12" high with chain and link)  

  • Offers birds a rugged, rich, textured landscape
  • Designed to discourage feather plucking, reduce boredom, and satisfy natural plucking and preening instincts
  • All components are 100% safe and non-toxic with quick-link attachments to connect easily to your bird’s cage